Awesome Villas for Honeymoon Vacations in St Lucia

St Lucia Villa Rental is quite possibly the most famous honeymoon destinations on the planet. From the shimmering Caribbean waters, stunning mountain sees, and rich facilities, St. Lucia unquestionably won’t baffle. Investigate the top inns and resorts in St. Lucia underneath.

What could be a preferred heartfelt background over the flawless sea shores for your St. Lucia honeymoon? It’s your first occasion as a wedded couple, so it must be additional uncommon.

Shoes Grande St. Lucian

An idyllic resort arranged on its own special promontory, Sandals Grande St. Lucian has been depicted as a “nearest occasion to a truly flawless postcard.”

Supported toward the west by Rodney Bay-with the calmest waters on the whole of St. Lucia-and toward the east by the amazing Atlantic Ocean, this fantastic grown-up just and all-inclusive St Lucia Villas  highlights staggering all encompassing perspectives and over – the-water scenes.

Jade Mountain Resort

Jade Mountain is one of the top honeymoon destinations on the planet.

The 29 extravagance suites are called sanctuaries, clearing spaces where room, living region and an extreme private endlessness pool coast into each other to frame phenomenal stages gliding out into nature. With the fourth wall totally missing, Jade Mountain’s sanctuaries are stage-like settings from which to accept the full magnificence of St Lucia’s Pitons World Heritage Site and the Caribbean Sea. Check here!

Shoes Halcyon Beach

Shoes Halcyon Bay is a magical all-inclusive and grown-up just resort in Saint Lucia. Here, in the center of a tropical ideal world, where superb palm trees line the unblemished sea shore and the green mountains ascend from the turquoise ocean, you will find a beguiling and cozy safe-haven that is the substance of its name… calm and cool.

East Winds

Find the trick of the trade in Saint Lucia and inundate yourself in obvious Caribbean extravagance during your all-inclusive honeymoon at East Winds.

East Winds is a stunning tropical St Lucia Villas by the ocean, set on a sandy, confined storybook sea shore. This Caribbean hideaway highlights 30 cabin style suites and an Ocean front sea shore house, concealed among lavish plants, trees, and a kaleidoscope of vivid bird life.

Shoes Regency La Toc

Shoes Regency La Toc is a shocking 220-section of land domain situated on a half-mile, sickle molded sea shore with tropical coral bluffs, green slopes and moving fairways. Regime La Toc is one of Saint Lucia’s most rich grown-ups just objective for St Lucia Villas.

Including a rebuffing title green, stunning oceanfront suites and a selective heaven of the Sunset Bluff Resort, this all-inclusive resort is known as the most astonishing diamond in the islands.

Best Time to Visit St. Lucia

From early May to early June are the greatest months for a St. Lucia honeymoon. Thusly, honeymooners get away from the winters, groups, and exorbitant costs and furthermore figure out how to make some incredible memories before the downpours begin sneaking in. The mountains, albeit grand, bring a higher storm every year in St. Lucia when contrasted with the other Caribbean Islands.

From December to April, the climate here is dry and bright, yet this adds a burden since you discover more groups and greater costs. Consequently, for spending explorers, this is certifiably not an ideal time. In the event that you are arranging a colder time of year honeymoon, January would be the best an ideal opportunity to honeymoon in St. Lucia.

June to November is the rainstorm season however the island endures rare typhoons and stay at St Lucia Villas. Find out more at

Is Vancouver’s real estate market really in free fall?

In Vancouver, Real Estate prices are going up once more! While there is an agreement about a lodging market-clearing into equal parts, pioneers in the market differ about where this could lead. Are they catching this’ meaning for the fate of Vancouver’s lodging market?

The Vancouver real estate industry revealed one more month of higher sales and prices in September and kept on challenging desperate forecasts of a pandemic-induced downturn.

In any case, a few investigators call attention to delicate parts of the market, for example, a rising apartment suite stock and falling townhouse prices.

Real estate sales in B.C. year-over-year in September

The number of real estate sales in B.C. year-over-year in September expanded 63 percent. The average private price in B.C. grew by 15.3 percent contrasted with a year ago and set a month to month precedent of $803,210. In August, complete sales dollar volume expanded 88 percent contrasted with a year ago, as indicated by the B.C. Real Estate Association, which speaks to real estate specialists.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. have been in an apparent conflict with some in the real estate industry over its expectation of two-fold digit rate price drops in business sectors, such as Vancouver. Click here!

Fixed Endorsing Approaches

The central government lodging office, which has fixed guaranteeing approaches for high-proportion borrowers, has also been vocal about the threat of fueling homeownership pressure in costly business sectors for purchasers with dubious money related possibilities in a feeble economy.

Presently, with sales and prices ascending, there is agreement about a lodging market severing into equal parts, yet disagreement about where this could lead.

He and others feel that while prices are holding and ascending, there are subtleties, for example, falling rents, a developing inclination for Coal Harbour Condos rural over city areas, and broadened financial shortcoming that could hit the condominium market and pull down other house prices as well.

These are ventures that were begun during the structure blast, which started in 2016.

At last, that new development is finishing when the apartment suite request has eased back, and the rental market has relaxed. These are evident dangers fighting with the lowest mortgage rates we’ve ever observed and an ocean of liquidity given by the Bank of Canada.

Downtown Vancouver townhouses

Specializes in downtown Vancouver townhouses, where the rising stock has been more articulated, said the median price in September diminished 10% from the earlier month, and the middle price diminished 14 percent from September 2019.

Lodging begins across B.C. in September hit 25,308, down from 33,100 during a similar period in 2019.

In any case, looking at lodging begins in 2019, wound up arriving at a record high of 44,932, even though most gauges, including that of the B.C. government, had been for the number toward the year’s end to be around 35,000.

Bottom line

Concerning the condominium market, he said sales “are as yet solid. However, that market additionally had previous difficulties before the pandemic because of layers protection (issues). The effect of the pandemic on the Coal Harbor Condos market positively lifts those difficulties.” For more details, visit:


4 Reasons Saint Lucia Is Every Vacationer’s Dream Getaway

Every vacationer at some point dreams of going to Saint Lucia. With the excellent culinary, fun stuff for visitors and locals, lush rainforests, and beautiful beaches, taking a vacation in this location is undoubtedly worthwhile. The abounding versatility of activities and the warm treatment by the residents are what sets Saint Lucia apart from other travel destinations.

Activities you get to enjoy here include;

  • Bathing in the mud baths of Sulphur Springs
  • Hiking in the Pitons
  • Swimming in the large warm water bodies
  • Touring the lush green tropical rain forests

Every single moment you spend in this place is enjoyable. There is a wide array of new things to try out, so there is never a dull moment. Whatever type of vacation you are seeking, Saint Lucia has something amazing to offer.


St Lucia Villa is an ideal family escape destination. You get to pick from a wide array of accommodation offerings. The infinite list of adventures ensures that the fun never stops. You and your family could lodge in the villas, small hotels, or in-suite resorts with interconnecting rooms – there is always something to suit your taste. Additionally, the costs do not dig deep into your pockets. The St Lucia Villa rental services offer you good deals that you can always pick from. The resorts within the area also put families into consideration; they provide services that range from kid-friendly to kids’ clubs. This island offers a ton of fun activities to explore; no member of your family will ever get bored. Whether you wish you swim, sail, kayak, hike, or lay on the beach, it is your choice to make. You can also have it all! Check here!


The marine experience is different from that of the island’s surface. St Lucia waters are filled with incredible aquatic wildlife. Just a glance below the waves, and you will see jellyfishes, lionfishes, sea urchins, and fire corals. Large marine animals like whales appear occasionally. There are a lot of diving sites for both the novices and the experienced divers. The island boasts of several fascinating coral formations, reefs filled with tropical sea life, and shipwrecks. Adventure travelers have always considered this to be one of the best locations.


Have you been yearning for a romantic vacation? The best destination choice to make will be St Lucia. It is known to be the world’s leading honeymoon destination. You can make your pick from a wide array of fascinating spots for your romantic dinners. The St Lucia Villa provides fascinating places where couples could renew their vows. Don’t forget to capture amazing moments with your camera.


St Lucia has a reputation for being rich in culinary traditions. The location is filled with people of diverse cultures, which also translates to their dishes. You could spend up to three months in St Lucia without having to eat the same meal twice. Enjoy a blend of African, French, and West Indian cuisine. The foodie experience here is one of a kind.

Taking a vacation once in a while is something that should not be ignored. Escaping the bustle of everyday life and having a nice time at St Lucia Island is always anticipated by every vacationer. Learn more details at:

3 Hot Neighborhoods in Vancouver


Vancouver, British Columbia, on Canada’s west coast, reliably positions as one of the world’s most reasonable urban communities and has one of the most sweltering worldwide land markets.

Point Gray

“Point Gray is likely the most lavish region in Vancouver,” says Gary Wong, land operator and writer of The Book on Vancouver Real Estate: How to Buy It, Sell It, and Profit From It. Mr. Wong noticed that the region is “all around family friendly,” and the vast majority of the homes are confined houses. This is a pertinent distinction in a city that is running out of land for advancement and is in this manner seeing skyrocketing home costs. Vancouver has a ton of townhouses and, obviously, huge apartment suite advancement. In any case, Point Gray has not many townhouses and lofts, Mr. Wong says. In Point Gray in 2016, by and large, 45% of homes sold in 10 days or less, and the normal sold cost was $2.9 million Canadian dollars, according to Zolo, a Canadian business. Click here!

Ramona King, Zolo’s chief of substance, says this is an incredible incentive in Vancouver. “Extravagance advertises in the West End more often than not tip out at C$3 million, so it’s a decent incentive in the extravagance showcase circle. The west side neighborhood is directly close to the University of British Columbia. In the region, you will find non-public schools and two prominent shorelines, Jericho Beach and Spanish Banks, just as Point Gray Village, the main business strip, with shops and cafés along West Tenth Avenue. Ms. King additionally points to huge property sizes. “Some of the time, you have one section of land with one house on that part. That is inconceivable in Vancouver,” she says. “This is an extreme spot.”


Kitsilano, or Kits, is a previous nonconformist center point and a well-known cross segment of attractions—shoreline, parks, private boulevards, and business locale. (It additionally fringes Point Gray.) by and large, in 2016, 41% of Kitsilano homes sold in 10 days or less for a normal of C$1.2 million. “You have a lot of condos and townhomes, which bring the normal cost down,” Ms. King says. There are segregated homes on the top of the line, “and they’re appealing as far as value,” she says. “It’s appropriate by Granville Island. You have simple access to extraordinary cafés and nearby stores. It has a happening city vibe, but then there is a private vibe,” Ms. King includes. Kitsilano is the origination of worldwide yoga-wear brand LululemonAthletica. What’s more, it’s additionally where you’ll find Lululemon author Chip Wilson’s home, which is the most costly home in Vancouver. Mr. Wilson’s property was as of late esteemed at C$75.8 million. For reference, Point Gray Road goes through both Point Gray and Kitsilano, and flaunts 14 of Vancouver’s Top 100 Highest Valued Properties, according to the B.C. Evaluation Authority, an enterprise that surveys property all through British Columbia.

False Creek

“A great deal of Vancouver is being rezoned to permit apartment suite improvement, because of the absence of land,” Mr. Wong explains. “What’s more, Vancouver’s City Hall is creating authority intends to create explicit networks. One of these is False Creek.” You may recall False Creek as the Olympic Village that housed the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics competitors. Ms. King depicts the zone as “industrial” before the diversions. “In any case, when it was fabricated, individuals resembled, ‘Goodness, hello, this is kind of near downtown.’ It’s spot on the waterfront. Out of control businesses and cafés began moving in,” Ms. King continues. “Also, presently it’s coming up. Engineers are coming in and realizing there is a chance to construct section level family townhomes, yet additionally extravagance townhomes and condos.”


Surely understood well-off neighborhoods in the city include Shaughnessy Center and Kerrisdale Park. In any case, different regions have been hailed as best in class. Above are three extravagance Vancouver land markets to watch out for. Click here for more information:

How Can I List My Real Estate on the Vancouver MLS?


The MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, is an online database of genuine property, for example, arrive, and single family houses and business structures like high rises and business structures. Most real urban communities have their very own MLS administration, which just land operators and representatives approach.

Find a real estate agent

Locate a land operator who is sufficiently reliable to list your land on the MLS. Approach your loved ones for a referral to a decent land operator whom they have worked with before. On the off chance that you can’t discover a specialist through a referral, look for one on the web, at It is important to utilize an authorized land operator or agent in the exchange, as they are the experts who approach the MLS. Before you sign a merchant/purchaseagreement or another contract with the land operator which permits him a commission, make sure to check the status of his permit online at your state’s branch of land site. This can uncover any past grumbles or offenses identified with the land.

Invite your chosen real estate agent

Welcome your picked land specialist to your home for a prelisting arrangement. Ensure your entire family is available, as the manner in which you let your operator list your land in the MLS can fundamentally influence your accounts, regardless. The specialist will take data about the house, for example, area and year fabricated. She will likewise take pictures for the MLS posting. Tell the land specialist how much cash you are hoping to make from the deal and what your future lodging designs are. The specialist will show tantamount properties in your general vicinity that are as of now recorded, pending deal and as of late sold. At that point, she will prescribe a cost to list your land, and you can examine the posting cost until you go to an agreement. Learn more.

Do research

Make inquiries, for example, what the land business’ bonus will be. Common land commission paid by the dealer is 6 percent, however, the National Association of Realtors expresses that this sum isn’t commanded by law. Ask what methodologies the land specialist will use to showcase your home and to what extent he expects it will take to move.


Settle on a time period that you’d like to list your property and a substitute arrangement in the event that it doesn’t move quick enough. You might need to sign a 4-or half year posting concurrence with the operator, contingent upon how quick properties are moving in your market. When you firm up the points of interest, your land operator can return to her office and information your posting on the MLS, enabling different specialists to see it and send the data to their customers. Approach the land operator for a print-out duplicate of the MLS posting once she finishes it. Along these lines, you can ensure that all realities identified with your property are exact.


Setting your home on the MLS opens it to a bigger pool of potential purchasers, as land specialists and dealers demonstrate their own customer’s houses recorded on the MLS. Getting your home or other land recorded on the MLS can accordingly help encourage a quicker deal. Click here for more information:

Five Steps to Buying Homes for Sale in Vancouver

Many people find buying Vancouver real estate to be extremely difficult especially since there are a lot of different homes available to choose from.  However, that can be a good thing, having a lot of choice because it means there is more potential.  Though, for many new buyers, they really aren’t sure where to turn and struggle to choose a new home for them.  So, here are 5 steps to buying homes for sale in Vancouver that might help new buyers.

Look what’s Available

  • Local Real Estate Agents
  • Online
  • Foreclosure Notices In Newspapers

These are all excellent places to start the search for a new home.  Now, there are plenty of homes for sale in Vancouver that probably will be listed on the internet on a variety of websites.  You can easily do a quick internet search and find a variety of local homes on the market which could be useful for you to consider.  However, any buyer could also check local newspaper for foreclosure of homes or even use a local real estate agent to help them.  There are a lot of ways to start searching.

Choose Open Days to View Homes

There are plenty of homes that have an open day in which potential buyers come and visit the home.  This can be an excellent step when it comes to buying a home because buyers get to see what they are buying.  It is also the time to find out what items in the home are staying if any, and a good way to see what the competition is like too.  Many Vancouver homes for sale have open days, however, for those that don’t; anyone can arrange a viewing of the property.

Call a Surveyor

In most cases, homeowners will share information about the property, even when there is something in need or replacing or repairs.  However, it doesn’t matter how trusting a seller may be, a surveyor is still needed.  This is a vital step because surveyors can look in the places where potential buyers can’t and get to look over the entire property.  Basically, surveyors get to the bottom of things and can find every damaged floorboard and even leaks so this is a must step to take when searching for Vancouver real estate. See more. When calling a surveyor make sure they are well dressed, you want someone who if they have a beard takes great care of it, so their diet must be on point, if not they should be supplementing, it should be well trimmed with no stray hairs, and finally they should be using a conditioner such a essential oils.

Sort Out a Mortgage

Unless you have a limitless bank account, there is the likelihood you will need to get a mortgage.  This is the next step when it comes to buying a home for sale because without a mortgage, there is no home.  That is why you need to go to a variety of lending providers such as a bank and apply for a mortgage.  Now, you have to be also realistic about the price and what you can afford to repay every month.  In most cases, the banks will calculate this but it is important to get a mortgage sorted out quickly when looking at Vancouver homes for sale so there is no delay in the process.

Put In an Offer

The last real step to buy a home is to call in a real estate lawyer and submit a bid.  From there, the bid will either be accepted or rejected; if the bid is accepted then the lawyer will handle most things such as drawing up the contract for the home and helping with the mortgage agreement too.  This is the last step because all that is needed is for seller and the buyer to agree to the terms and close the house for sale!  It is very simple to find homes for sale in Vancouver and buy them too.

Buy Wise

Most people can get overwhelmed and confused when buying a new home, whether they are a first time buyer or experienced buyer.  However, it is a good idea to consider following the steps above and of course, call in the lawyers when they are needed.  Be careful and be wise and get the dream home you’ve always wanted!
Don’t be afraid to compromise, you can get a home that’s almost perfect and then by checking out sites like this one you can learn the skills required to transform your home into a home you’ve always wanted, you will need some power tools such as a table saw and you can get an affordable table saw to do the job, a band saw is advised as well and don’t forget a pressure washer, an electric one will do for keeping your siding and outdoor areas dirt free.

Find the perfect Vancouver real estate. Click here for more information:


New Vancouver Homeowners Checklist


Becoming a homeowner is an exciting new adventure for anyone and Vancouver MLS Listings offers beautiful homes for homeowners. Whether you are a new homeowner or you have owned a home before there are certain things that need to be done. A checklist is helpful to any homeowner to ensure that moving in is easier and that the house is properly maintained

Before the Move

  1. Ensure that you check the house thoroughly during a detailed inspection. Check all pipes, all toilets or under-sink plumbing for leaks and constant running water.
  2. Make sure to check all vents in the rooms to make sure they are free of obstructions and dust.
  3. Check the water heater in the attic (if there is one) and ensure more is installed if it is needed.
  4. When you are packing to make the move to your new home ensure that you make a packing inventory list. Make a list of everything you have packed in each box and where you will be putting them when you move into the new house.
  5. Setup your cable, telephone, internet and satellite before you move into Downtown Vancouver Condos.

After the Move

  1. Once you have purchased your home in the Vancouver real estate market and you have moved in look for the main circuit breaker and show everyone in the family how to turn it off in the case of an emergency.
  2. Check with the local garbage company to find out the days of collection, the recycling programs and the types of containers that are acceptable.
  3. Ensure that you purchase a small kitchen extinguisher for your home and ensure that everyone is educated on how to use it. Also purchase general-purpose extinguishers for each floor and place them in accessible positions in case of emergencies. Everyone if the house should know where to find them.
  4. Purchase general household tools that you can use for general home maintenance. This will include things you can easily do yourself and some tools include: pliers, putty knife, flashlight, nails, hammer, sandpaper, tape measure, screws, toilet plunger and paint roller and brush, a table saw, a band saw, and pressure washer
  5. Read up on the skills and techniques you need to do household DIY
  6. Everyone in your family should know how to close the main water line shutoff in case of a plumbing emergency.Once you move into your favorit home, find it and label.

Other Things to Do

There are many other things that need to be done when you have purchased your new home on the Vancouver real estate and have finally moved in.Monthly checks should be made on air conditioning and heating, fire extinguishers, plumbing and interior caulking.The electric system should be checked twice a year as well as the doors to ensure screws are tightened and doors which need greasing receive it. Smoke detectors in homes should be replaced twice a year.

Moving into a new home can be a very excited process but it can be very hectic. Vancouver MLS Listings are on the market and homeowners can get them at great prices. A checklist during moving helps to take away a lot of the stress involved with moving.

Which Is Right for You – A House or a Condo?

real property

There are distinct advantages to both types of properties and there are also disadvantages. For example, if you are keen on an urban lifestyle and you want to be close to the heart of the city, you may have no other choice than to buy a condo. Buyers who do not have children or do not want to be burdened with the chores required to maintain a single-family dwelling may also prefer a condo. On the other hand, if you want a larger space with more privacy or you prefer to be further from the hustle and bustle of the city, a house may be the better option for you and your family.

Whether it’s your first time in the housing market or you are looking for a new place to call home, buying a house or condo is one of the most important decisions you will ever face. You probably already have a list of characteristics that are important to you. You know how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, you know what kind of local amenities are important to your family, and you have a budget. Invest in Vancouver if you want to be satisfied. Still, many buyers may find that both condos and houses fulfill all their needs, so how do you decide which is right for you?

One big mistake of home buyers is that they assume that condos will be much cheaper compared to a house. But this case will not always follow. Depending on the location and size of a condo, you could pay several times more for a condo than a detached home. Similarly, you may assume that a house will be larger than a condo, but if your budget is not a major concern, you can often find sizeable condos even at the center of the busiest city. And condos are becoming more popular even in suburban areas, so when it comes to choosing between condos and houses, budget and size are not the only factors to consider. learn more detailed information at

How to Choose

Basically, if you’re trying to choose between a house and a condo, you need to consider 5 major factors: location, privacy, responsibility, maintenance, and budget.

First, decide if your desired location has housing and condo options available and then decide which fits your needs more. For example, do you need access to schools, public transportation, or shopping? Next, consider your privacy. A single-family home will be much more private than a condo, but you’ll also have more responsibility for maintenance. If you hate household chores, you may prefer a condo where much of the outdoor upkeep is included in your condo fees. And finally, be realistic about your budget. Depending on your location and personal needs, you may find a condo is the only option that fits your budget. Look for the best Vancouver Real estate agent if you need help as well.

Advantages of Condos over Houses

real property

The price of a condo versus the price of a house in the same neighborhood will be significantly different. Most homes are priced at least partially based on square footage, and condos are generally smaller and cheaper. In addition, upkeep for condos tends to be less time consuming as you likely do not have a yard or outdoor space to maintain. On the other hand, a house offers a level of privacy and independence that is hard to achieve if you buy a condo, as you may get more noise from surrounding neighbors and you share property decisions with other condo owners.

Check out various Vancouver condos for sale and Vancouver homes for sale if you need help deciding between the two! Or look for a Vancouver Real estate agent!

Vancouver Real Estate – Bubble or Sustainability?

condo unit

With the current strength in the Vancouver Real Estate market matched with historically low mortgage rates to go with it, one would say “How could we possibly be headed for a meltdown?” Current inventory is low which is again sending Real Estate transactions into multiple offer situations with buyers paying $10,000, $20,000, and, in some cases, even $200,000 over the list price. Although the latter is for a specific product in a couple of choice neighborhoods it still has happened. The potential for a bubble is definitely there but not on a broad scale. It looks more like the micro-markets of Vancouver Real Estate that are getting too far ahead of themselves are at the most risk for a bubble.

The Vancouver real estate market has remained strong despite the meltdown of our neighbors to the south. Thanks to a more closely guarded banking system, Canada has been able to slide through the mess relatively unscathed. The question is: Now that the Olympics games are over for Vancouver, will the much-anticipated financial hangover begin?

The Vancouver condo and townhouse market has seen growth over the past year at a pace that has all the right conditions to stay sustainable. 1st-time buyers are generally the demographic in this category and are taking advantage of the low mortgage rates. With the recent changes imposed by the Canadian Government on mortgage lending, we should have a little more of a cushion against an overall bubble. The changes which include anyone seeking for a mortgage less than 20 percent as down payment would haveto meet the needed requirements in 5-year term fixed rate on mortgage, regardless of the term they were seeking. Another safeguard was to lower the amount of equity one could withdraw from their home for refinancing purposes from 95 percent to 90 percent of the appraised value. In the case of a market retraction, it would give a little more cushion for those who are spending close to what their home is worth. view additional information at

Although there are some challenges ahead the future still looks very bright and promising for the Vancouver Real Estate market. Some lessons have been learned that in hindsight should help the City and Country avoid the same mess the U.S. got themselves into. There may be, though, pockets of different bubbles where ignorance is driving the people into a form of frenzied buying, as well as driving prices to unsustainable levels. On a broad scale, the city’s real estate market will see slow growth through the remainder of 2010 with a moderate increase going into 2011.

condo unit

The $700,000+ debt left on the shoulders of the Vancouver taxpayers for the construction of the Olympic Village will hopefully be recouped over the next decade. According to recent reports, one local developer was able to cash in on $31.8 million in high-end units from people visiting for the 2-week Olympic period. The village will house approximately 1100 units of mixed income households in a sustainable community of shopping, services, and parks.

Terry Voth is a Vancouver Realtor who specializes in the sales of Vancouver Condos, Townhouse and Houses. Invest in Vancouver and your future will be secured!

The Vancouver Condo Market


Since the recession that began in late 2008, Vancouver real estate has been heralded as one of the strongest markets in North America. Even though housing prices dropped marginally at the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009, the market rebounded quickly and it was not long before record prices were being set again. Add to that historically low mortgage rates and it’s hard to imagine that real estate in Vancouver is headed for troubled waters.

However, since the end of the Olympics in 2010, speculation about the health of the market has become increasingly negative. For the most part, experts are avoiding describing the condo/townhouse market in Vancouver as a bubble on the verge of burst. Prices have increased steadily over the past couple of years and a catastrophic decline is unlikely. Still, there are a disproportionate number of unoccupied condos in Vancouver at the moment, mostly because of the inventory available in the Olympic Village. Even though a sudden correction is unlikely because of low interest rates and rising condo prices, we may see some deflation of what many experts are referring to as Vancouver’s “balloon” real estate market. So, while a burst is unlikely, minor declines in prices, decreases in sales of high-end properties, and a higher than usual unoccupied inventory may mean savings for some buyers.

Robust, resilient, growing: these are just a few words that are often used to describe the Vancouver condo market. As much of the United States and even parts of Canada suffered dramatic declines in housing sales and prices, the Vancouver Real estate market continued to grow despite economic uncertainty. Some experts point to the interest of foreign investment, or the standard of living in Vancouver, and even the climate (despite all the rain) as reasons why the market in Vancouver remained strong. Nevertheless, the condo and townhouse market in Vancouver has been subject to more controversy over the past several months, with some suggesting that the market could be heading for a meltdown. checkout more details at

Let’s be clear about something though, the 2012 outlook for the Vancouver condo market is still strong. Our economy is growing and interest rates remain low making the market stable for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, buyers are seeing a bit more flexibility in the market and as such, they are investing in Vancouver since there are more affordable options for condos in and around Vancouver. There is little question that the market has cooled in the last year or so, but with plenty of foreign interest and an improving economy, any market corrections are likely to be minor.


So what does this mean for players in the condo market? First of all for sellers, they might expect it to take a little longer to get a reasonable offer on their home. Sales continue to be strong throughout Vancouver, but because of the available inventory, buyers are taking more time to make a decision as they consider more options. And for buyers, while they should still expect condo prices in Vancouver to remain above the national average, they currently benefit from more choices.

Whether you’re looking for Vancouver lofts for sale or Vancouver condos for sale, check out our site.

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