New Vancouver Homeowners Checklist


Becoming a homeowner is an exciting new adventure for anyone and Vancouver MLS Listings offers beautiful homes for homeowners. Whether you are a new homeowner or you have owned a home before there are certain things that need to be done. A checklist is helpful to any homeowner to ensure that moving in is easier and that the house is properly maintained

Before the Move

  1. Ensure that you check the house thoroughly during a detailed inspection. Check all pipes, all toilets or under-sink plumbing for leaks and constant running water.
  2. Make sure to check all vents in the rooms to make sure they are free of obstructions and dust.
  3. Check the water heater in the attic (if there is one) and ensure more is installed if it is needed.
  4. When you are packing to make the move to your new home ensure that you make a packing inventory list. Make a list of everything you have packed in each box and where you will be putting them when you move into the new house.
  5. Setup your cable, telephone, internet and satellite before you move into Downtown Vancouver Condos.

After the Move

  1. Once you have purchased your home in the Vancouver real estate market and you have moved in look for the main circuit breaker and show everyone in the family how to turn it off in the case of an emergency.
  2. Check with the local garbage company to find out the days of collection, the recycling programs and the types of containers that are acceptable.
  3. Ensure that you purchase a small kitchen extinguisher for your home and ensure that everyone is educated on how to use it. Also purchase general-purpose extinguishers for each floor and place them in accessible positions in case of emergencies. Everyone if the house should know where to find them.
  4. Purchase general household tools that you can use for general home maintenance. This will include things you can easily do yourself and some tools include: pliers, putty knife, flashlight, nails, hammer, sandpaper, tape measure, screws, toilet plunger and paint roller and brush, a table saw, a band saw, and pressure washer
  5. Read up on the skills and techniques you need to do household DIY
  6. Everyone in your family should know how to close the main water line shutoff in case of a plumbing emergency.Once you move into your favorit home, find it and label.

Other Things to Do

There are many other things that need to be done when you have purchased your new home on the Vancouver real estate and have finally moved in.Monthly checks should be made on air conditioning and heating, fire extinguishers, plumbing and interior caulking.The electric system should be checked twice a year as well as the doors to ensure screws are tightened and doors which need greasing receive it. Smoke detectors in homes should be replaced twice a year.

Moving into a new home can be a very excited process but it can be very hectic. Vancouver MLS Listings are on the market and homeowners can get them at great prices. A checklist during moving helps to take away a lot of the stress involved with moving.

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